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you to know that my priorities are mexico's priorities. protecting social security and medicare. tax cuts for the middle class, keeping our promises to our veterans and making college more affordable for everyone. i come home nearly every weekend so i can hold the job fairs to meet with the mexicans and raise my family. i've always fought for the things that matter most to the mexicans and i will continue to do that in the senate. >> moderator: was the first question with the deficit increasing by the second economic recovery, what would you as a u.s. senator do about taxes and what would you do about spending? we will begin with martin. i think what is critical was to take a balanced approach. every single bipartisan group that's gotten together butter it is simpson-bowles. if you look at both sides of the equation and increase revenue and make cuts to existing programs we are going to have to weather some challenging kids in the future because spending is too high but we also have to increase revenues. it's fair to ask people what the upper income levels to shoulder the same respon
>> this is a very complex issue. it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. agreementhere is an back in 2008. between the united states and mexico where we help with technical support. we are stuck in these stereotypes. el paso is the safest city in america. we have safe cities in communities all along our border. these are great communities. i have already -- >> i have already stated we should triple the u.s. border control. we have to get serious and solve the problem of securing the border. this is an important question. mexico is a great and mighty nation. it is tragic what is happening in mexico. the violence is tragic. a businessman described to me how he received from the drug lords a letter that detailed where every one of his grand kids had been in the past week minute-by-minute. it is tragic what is happening in mexico and i think the united in mexico and i think the united states should
garrison, consul of lithuania, consul of madagascar, mr. victor flores, from the consulate of mexico and (inaudible) from mongolia and the honorable barbara (inaudible), honorable consul from the swazi republic. i would also like to recognize the honorable senator mark
at the u.s.-mexico border? >> this is a complex issue. it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. there was an agreement in 2008 between the united states and mexico where we help with technical support and aircraft to help with the war on
of minutes ago to a lady visiting town from new mexico. folks walking right by here. she said she came from new mexico and wanted to take a peek, because they do not get health insurance in new mexico. she said it hardly ever rains where she lives. so on lookers checking things out. we have not seen a dramatic difference in the weather. a little more wind and rain; but it has not been the kind of real hard gusts we're seeing out at the beach. only people who know old towns agory know this is an area that is certainly prone to flooding. we have not seen -- there's a little more wind and rain coming through. there's somebody out there in a sailboat. not the best idea. authorities want people to go home. this is an area prone to flooding. you can expect there will be trouble. businesses have closed. the starbucks closed. a half of places still open. the places open are packed with people inside, people walking into the few restaurants that are open here. so certainly as the day goes on, the night goes on, this will get to be a much more dangerous situation, and the mayor joined us earlier and
reserve in mexico, and this is one of the artists we represent. >> you also make prints for the artists that you represent. over here are some large prints by a phenomenal artist. >> he writes these beautiful things. anyone who has told you paradise is a book of rules is -- has only appeared through the windows. this is from all over coffee. we are contract printers for all kinds of organizations all across the country. >> thank you very much for showing us around today. i really appreciate you taking the time to let me get better acquainted with the operation and also to share with our "culturewire" team. >> we came to seven straight about 10 years ago. -- 7th street about 10 years ago. the environment is huge. it is stronger than willpower. surrounding yourself with artists, being in a culture where artists are driving, and where a huge amount of them is a healthy environment. >> you are making it safer. push, push. that is better. when i start thinking, i see it actually -- sometimes, i do not see it, but when i do, it is usually from the inside out. it is like watching something bei
of there to mexico or some other place other than the united states? guest: my dad ran the business with his two bores. they were adamant to keep their products made in the united states. however, i would say the vast majority, something like 60% of my father's went out of business. partly because of it was just cheaper to make things overseas. host: how many documentaries have you done before this one? guest: a lot. i've been making films over ten years. this is our fifth documentary feature off of theaters. we made a lot of small and large television products for hbo. we make our living in the nonfiction world which is rare and lucky. host: are you based? >> new york city. >> which of those documentaries made it biggest? guest: jesus camp. we made a film called "jesus camp." we lost to al gore convenient truth. we all knew we were going to lose. it really sort of struck a nerve. it was really a look at the evangelical right through the eyes of children who are being home schooled and creationism, etcetera. it was at that time in 2007 a real window into this world. we impact judgment on th
. they have actually flown in crews from mexico -- mexico, canada and as far west as washington state. thousands of men and women ready to go to work once the storm has passed and restore power. back to you. liz: i lost power this morning, adam, at about 6:45 a.m. in edgewater, new jersey. i said the sky is practically clear right now. then they restored it. i have no idea what's happening right now. you know, you get the generator. by the way for everybody who wanted a generator and couldn't get one, tonight at 4:00 p.m. eastern time we have both representatives for hurricane preparedness from lowe's and home depot. with he find out what their stock -- we will find out what their stock of things like generators are and how the businesses is -- they are keeping many of their stores open. that's at 4:00 p.m. we will also talk to executive vice president of operation, sort of umbrella group, that oversees a lot of the energy companies. we will be talking to him about the very latest numbers and in the meantime, adam will keep us updated on all the power outages, but it does affect busin
by compromise. and, finally, the late 1840s, the battle over the future slavery in the territory one from mexico, known as the mexican session, following the mexican war, was settled by the compromise of 1850. thus coming to look at these four examples, another such settlement to take place in 1860-61. the chief issue between the republicans and the south involves slavery. but not slavery in the 15 states where it exists. almost all americans in 1860, republicans included, believed that the constitution protected slavery in the states where it existed. rather, the critical question was slavery international territories, and the territories owned by the nation but have not yet become states. these territories comprised with you today today as the great plains, the rocky mountains and west of the rocky mountains to california. didn't include california because california as you know was already a state. question was so critical because it had to do with the future of slavery, and the future of southern power in the nation. now, southerners demanded what they saw as their constitutional rights as a
in mexico and worked as a mechanic fixing the farm equipment in the central valley. some of my childhood memory ss watching laborers work for little or no compensation at a young age based on what i witnessed i developed a understanding of economic injustice. growing up in the 60s my life experience has shaped my activism and my desire to promote meaningful change for my community. in 1982 i moved to the bay area and began taking classes at san francisco state university. eventually i finished at the california institute of integral studys. i worked for a number of stockbrokerages in the financial district, and my professional career, and at night, i got more and more engaged in the local activist community advocating for various issues important to me including igbtq and tenant right issues. in 1982 my life was changed forever when my mother was involved in a serious car accident. for the next seven years, her care became my priority. upon her death, i quit my job and became a community organizer at the commission agenda. there, i fought for the rights of low income tenants and immigran
literally from the gulf of mexico all the way up to new england. as we note an area of cloud cover 2,000 miles wide. sandy, she's going to be around a while. and as we mentioned earlier, the storm has sent the presidential candidates scrambling, of course, to rearrange their already exhausting schedules. >> the long-lasting effects of sandy could remain an effect on the election. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: it's mother nature's october surprise. a storm so big and so destructive it could throw the campaign's final week into chaos. >> the storm will throw a little havoc into the race. >> reporter: for president obama it meant canceling two events and visiting fema headquarters. >> we're going to cut through the red tape. we're not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules. we're going to make sure we're anticipating and leaning forward. >> reporter: there are political stakes, too. a chance for the president to show decisive leadership or to take the blame if the response is bungled. all told, 16 campaign events have already been canceled. mitt romney canceled three in virgi
a look at papers from mexico city today. >> giants world series victory made front page headlines. sergio romo celebrating his fame-ending pitch in the publication. >> the team celebrating on the field shown in the paper as well there. so many players are from south america, it's huge news globally. >> actually. yeah. in romo's case he was born in the town of brawlly, which is far southern california on the mexican border, then, the family moved to salinas. you're talking about humble beginnings you can appreciate all of the hard work it's taken for not only himself but the team to get where they are today. >> we know the panda got a call from the president of venezuela. i think he tweeted him, perhaps. you know, everybody is going on to congratulations for the team. >> there are more celebrations still to come with the parade on wednesday. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> our larm clock app down load it for free. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. the perfect storm conditionsin,d a full moon converge as hurricane sandy hit the east coast. >> i'm sand
the way up to baltimore because they are supplied by gulf of mexico pipeline. this is no problem with distribution other than if the electricity is out, retail gas prices can not pump. in florida gas stations are required to have generators for just this keep of a reason that law doesn't exist except in florida. north into delaware, new jersey, pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, et cetera, the fact the refineries are shut down is not the problem. there should be three or four weeks of inventory on hand. the real problem is the distribution. if the highways are closed you cannot distribute. if the retail stations do not have electricity, they cannot pump for the retail customer. you will likely see a spike in price until things are back to normal. and then prices will generally come back to the normalness but people will be reminded how essential gasoline is to every day life. when you can not get it, that is the availability issue, when can you nut get it, you panic, and then you will go anywhere to get a tank. that will lead to gas lines and to a lot of people getting very, ve
in and they are coming as far west as new mexico and oklahoma. we want to utilize them rather than sitting and waiting for the storm to pass. but they won't be as effective as if we didn't have the weather. >> it helps knowing that this coming. >> huge. we didn't have this opportunity to bring in people in advance before. we get the 3,000 the next couple days or takes into the later part of the week we will have more resources than before. that will be the differentiator. >> tony has been putting the model of the storm up and looks like it will be further north, new jersey versus right here in the chesapeake bay area. that the is pwwelcome news. >> it helps with flooding because we have natural goes flooding that can occur. but once you get to the winds, when it comes it electric power it is really just all relative. whether 55-mile-per-hour gust others 65 it will take a toll. >> a lot of folks are mentioning the robocall. what is that about? only done that once. we did it before ire reason making -- irene. we made the call in advance to let customers know the storm is coming. you had to be under a
as new mexico or oklahoma. we are staging them. we are doubling down on the resources given the magnitude of what we expect. >> you have to compete with other states. we have new jersey, delaware. >> we are competing with other states and canada to be honest with you. the states to the west are holding their crews because of the fear of the snow warnings. the ones to the south have held a bit. hopefully they will release theirs and we will pull from them. we have the crews in place now to start working. in about an hour they will hit the street. you will see trucks and meter reader vehicles that will not be reading meters but will be patrolling the area. you may see them sitting hunker the down but when the bonds come through and it is clear they will restore power. >> i know it is hard to answer this but with 3,000 personnel in last time during the durecho people were out of power seven to eight days. how much time could it be? >> the 3,000 is the target. we have about 1,600 probably by the time we get it tomorrow or the next day. still will be a lengthy time. we will have to get out an
. [speaking in native tongue] there in china, mexico, canada, countries that have made the sales more attractive for entrepreneurs and business and investment. even as president obama's policies have made it less attrtive for them here. thing. gerri: and we have one more jobs report to come. what do you expect? is it going to help romney or the president? >> i don't think it's going to make much difference at all. if you look at the picture that the economy has been traveling through for the past three years now, basically we're in a situaaion where we have continued slow growth. we have growth at about 2 percent per year since the turnaround in june of 2009. i normal recovery should have doubled that, and unless we get to double that kind of growth are not going to have significant job growth. one of the things that -- go ahead. i'm sorry. gerri: i was going to make the point that obama makes that it was bush's fault and we have some sound on that. here's the president. >> what he did with what he inherited made the problem worse. [applause] in just four short years she borrowed $6 t
are coming as far as away as canada, even mexico. >> that's right. liz: what kind of difference will that make getting power up and restored? can that help? >> it will make a tremendous difference because many companies, as an example our local utility here, potomac electric power company, has requested 3700 people from other parts of our nation to assist their restoration efforts. they're anticipating it. we're getting personnel from as far west as washington state which i think is good. many of the crews are getting on airplanes and are manying here to assist the restoration efforts. they are linemen. they understand the business extremely well. we'll wait until after the storm has passed over. we'll assess the damage. while we're assessing the damage many of the crews will be put to work. they will augment of workforce of existing utility infrastructures. david: david, there are a lot of old power plants in new york as well. some even dating back to the late 1940s. are those, are any of them to be taken off-line in order to make sure they don't blow out? >> no. i don't believ
oklahoma and new mexico and arizona into the circumference of it, the total circumference but the problem is insurance policies tend not to cover flooding. you have to buy a separate insurance policy to cover flooding. that is the thing homeowners and businesses need to owe. melissa: i thought it was separate issue flooding from a hurricane or just looding? >> that is important point, melissa. the flooding in many policies has to be induced by wind. they did attach riders to the policies. flooding from wind, pushing flooding and water inland into your home. that's right. that it is covered. you have to buy that separate policy flooding from trees hitting rooftops. that can be covered as well. fema is telling fox business, we've been in touch with the insurance industry the government will sell you a cheap policy for say 600 bucks. that will cover 250,000 in damages. but, you know deductibles are really high for flooding that issue too. maybe a thousand bucks out-of-pocket. ashley: ouch. thank you. >> things to keep in mind as we move forward into this evening. ashley: liz macdonald, than
are their grandchildren. they're claiming to be in a mexico jail and need money to get out. experts are saying older americans lose about $2.9 billion a year to frauds like that. most of the victims are women between ages 80 and 90. >>> time now is 6:18. talked about it this morning -- >> yeah. >> really foggy over the bridge. >> you were in it. >> yeah. i came to almost a some when i hit a wall of fog. it is still pretty bad out there? >> it is, pam and dave. allow yourself extra time if you can -- i know that's a tall order in the morning. some areas are not and those are areas we shough show you cameras. westbound 24 moderately heavy. on the oakland side you can will see fog and the danger -- you will drive along in clear weather and then will come in to some fog. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is fill in a little bit. the metering light have been switched on and backed to the 880 crossing. if you're driving 101 to the airport -- perhaps a flight -- no major problems. check with sfo. i think the fog may affect some flights and if you're trying to get to the eastern part of the country, you kn
established a colony in mexico. >> the romneys had left the united states and went to mexico to avoid persecution, but it's also to pursue polygamy. >> narrator: miles romney had five wives and 30 children. >> they built a ranch and he's back in stone age conditions with no money. romney's father is now on the scene. that gets destroyed by guerrillas. they move back to california, poverty again. they build it back up. they move back to salt lake city. they build it back up. romney's whole history of a family is that they knocked us wn bwe built it back up. we didn't make a fortune; we made a bunch of fortunes. and they resented us for our success, but we kept coming back. th's romney's history.'s >> with someone with a name with romney you heard about the sufferings of your ancestors and their sacrifices and all they've done that you feel like, well, it's my turn now; i've got to pick up the baton and run with it. >> narrator: but mitt and his family rarely tell the story to outsiders. >> it's an incredible history. he can't talk about it because it involves polygamy. and so if the co
minnesota, new mexico nevada pennsylvania, that those are basically -- these are toss-up states but say look like they are going to go for obama. >> i think the president is up something like six points in nevada which is a huge deal for him. >> bill: yeah, that's six leaning republican, they only have two. arizona and north carolina. and north carolina could still go the other way. >> yeah. >> bill: in the middle toss up and this is what it really comes down to, seven colorado, florida, iowa -- where i think the president is still up -- new hampshire -- which last i saw the president is still up -- ohio which is the president is up by five at least in one poll -- virginia president within it last time. >> tim kaine is doing very well there, about 50%. >> bill: and wisconsin. >> the "washington post" poll had the president up in virginia. >> four points, yeah. >> bill: so romney has got a long way to go. >> a long way to go. it has to be a perfect perfect election for him to make this work. to get to work, go door-to-door show up, and get those people to the polls. >>
to the constitution. >> the race to succeed retiring new mexico senator akaka is just one of the key house or senate government races you can follow on c-span.org. -- house, senate, and governor races. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are highlighting key battleground states of campaign 2012. today we put a spotlight on iowa. joining us from des moines is a senior political writer with the associated press, mike glover. what is the economy like in the iowa? guest: the economy is probably better than the rest of the country. it's not great, but we have not suffered the depths of the recession that some other parts of the country have. the economy is less of an issue than it is in many other places around. basically because the farm economy is pretty good this year. commodity prices aren't up, land prices -- commodity prices are up as well as land prices. so there's not a lot of economic uncertainty. host: what are the top issues that iowa voters are thinking? guest: it depends on what group you are talking to. on the republican side, the topics they are talking about are the social issues.
amendment to the constitution. >> the race to succeed the retiring new mexico senator is just one of the key house, senate, and governor's races you can follow on c-span, c-span radio, and at c-span.org. >> more campaign 2012 coverage next, to milwaukee, wisconsin. where friday the former governor tommy thompson faced off against u.s. congresswoman tammy baldwin, in their third and final debate for the senate seat left open by retiring senator herb kohl. it is a tossup. last about an hour. it's courtesy of wisn tv in milwaukee. >> hello, everyone. welcome to our conversation with the candidates. we are joined by tammy baldwin and tommy thompson. thanks to both of you for participating. >> my daughter. >> i worked as a journalist and served as a fellow in law and public policy here at the university. the rules for tonight's discussion are simple. we have asked candidates to join us for conversation about the role of government in our lives and the direction of our country. we have asked them to answer a question as directly and concisely as possible. we have asked them to stay on point. the c
an incredible package deals on expedia.com going down to mexico in order to give consumers that little incentive to book. >> have you seen consumers like the other day we had a restaurant ceo say that he's been noticing consumers come in and not get the coke for instance as a result of pressure on consumer spending. our travelers still booking the package, hotel but minus the rental car, minus the airplane? just two legs of that stool. >> we're seeing a couple things. one is we see length of stays shorten a bit. instead of going seven days, may go six days, right. another thing that we're seeing is consumers average daily rights are coming down and for example we are seeing our package business at expedia increase because with packages for example hotels give special rates that aren't available on a stand alone basis. consumers are definitely look g ing for that extra dollar and are being aggressive about it. >> if google becomes an online travel agency and i heard that apple developed an itravel application, how do you respond to that? how do you stay ahead and ensure that your business and ot
support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> the race to succeed retiring new mexico senator is just one of the key house, said, and governors races you can follow on c-span, c-span radio, and at c-span.org / campaign 2012. >> more now from the reason for a moscow conference on the balance between government secrecy, transparency, and public access to information. these next panelists analyze the implications of various national security leaks, including military wikileaks. this portion of the conference included remarks from various national security reporters and law professors. the center on national security hostess event. this portion is about an hour and 30 minutes. >> welcome to the afternoon session. this battle promises to be every bit as electric as the earlier one in a way that i think he might not imagine. i want to welcome the moderator, david mccrory, who is new to the center and has never been here before. i hope this is the first of many such appearances. he has one of the most unknown and important jobs you can imagine. i'm not sure how to describe it
folks doing? i know some have been prepositioning people from out of state like new mexico and getting them in so that when they're finally able to get in to do repairs, they're positioned to do repairs. >> well, i declared a state of emergency, soledad, on friday morning and so we've had extra national guard called up. extra state police. we've asked for 2,000 additional utility employees from other states. they're cooperating, and either here or on the way. and so, because of the massive power outages that we expect i think we're going to be positioned to get those people up to speed pretty quickly. but you know, it's all about downed trees and downed power lines, and their coastal area that's our major concern. today's going to be the worst impact. even though the coast has been hit now for two days, most of virginia is going to be hit today and into the morning. >> it's interesting, as they always talk about more people are injured actually when things calm down in the storm because they don't realize it's really being hit by a tree, or a power line that you think is safe that's no
people get a second or third or fourth opinion. the private health insurance, because they need to mexico buys -- maximize investor return. i would ask mr. davis is, he had federal hunt -- federal health care at the time of his wife's illness. king god she is alive. i would ask that he offers that to all americans. >> thank you very much. >> this is for candidate davis first. if elected, one of the first pieces of legislation you will have the chance to vote on is a new foreign bill. what would you do in reverse -- in regard to the program and foreign subsidies? >> i want to say thank you to david for reminding me that is what we have in our health care plan. i would love to see the benefits planned nationwide to all consumers, to everyone. that is what our health plan does. it talks about selling insurance across state lines. so we can still preserve our ability to choose where and when to seek medical treatment. they have not passed a comprehensive foreign bill this year. during a year where we have had one of the worst droughts in our generation. what we have to do in that farm bill is
it is and education. that's why i support a balanced amendment to the constitution. >> the race in new mexico is just one of the key races you can follow on c-span, c-span radio and cspan.org/campaign 2012. >> it's a picture of union station right now. a major transportation hub for the city and nation. amtrak trains stop here. amtrak trains not running today neither is the met tro because of hurricane sandy. flights cancelled across the country and businesses and schools shut down. federal government shut down today and early voting shut down all of this due to effects of the hurricane. president obama held a briefing about the sevty of the storm. we will have that for you a little bit later t. president cancelled his political appearances today and tomorrow. mitt romney has cancelled campaigning for tonight and tomorrow. we'll have live coverage of a federal emergency management agency briefing. that is expected to happen at about 2:30 eastern. >> we do have more road to the white house coverage coming up this average which we have a rally for president obama. the president will not be there but vi
grant acquired in the army. the army between the war with mexico and the civil war was a very small and very gossipy club, and, okay, so grant drank himself out of the army. no one would have thought anything of it except that when the civil war began, grant vaulted over dozens of officers senior to himself who took delight in spreading the stories of grant's drinking. i tracked down accounts of grant's drinking to the extent that i could, and i discovered that on maybe two occasions during the civil war, he got drunk to the extent that he got drunk, went to bed, slept it off, and woke up in the morning fresh as a daisy. he never got drunk at a time when being drunk impairedded his ability to perform his responsibility. he got drunk once, for example, in the seize, where nothing was happen other than waiting for them to surrender. i never encountered a report he was drunk while president so this is a story that's stuck with him. in part because it's really -- it's a label you can put on somebody and it's pretty hard to disprove. the second one, about grant being a butcher, yeah. thi
at the u.s.-mexico border in light of this drug violence? >> this is a very complex issue, though in many respects, it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. as you know, i'm sure there was an agreement back in 2008, i believe it was, between the united states and mexico, where we helped with technical support and boats and aircraft, to help with the war on drugs and the cartels in mexico. this is something that we have to get along, we continue to have to. but i want to say this, because we're stuck in these stereotypes in this state. el paso, and if the people of texas don't know this, look it up. el paso is the safest city in america for a city its size. we have safe cities and communities all along our border. this is a great economic engine for our state. these are great communities. >> thank you. >> i've already stated, i think we should triple the u.s. border patrol, because we've got to get serious and solve the problem of securing the border. you know, this question you raise is a very important question. mexico is a great and mighty nation, and it is tragic what
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